SUN7 Nail Cabin UV LED Light Therapy Lamp 48W Nail Dryer for Curing Gel Polish Nail Art Tools Manicure WITH FAST EXPRESS-in Nail Dryers from Beauty & Health

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SUN7 Nail Cabin UV LED Light Therapy Lamp 48W Nail Dryer for Curing Gel Polish Nail Art Tools Manicure WITH FAST EXPRESS Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Brand Name qunzhao
Commodity Quality Certification ce
Weight 1.5kg
Lamp Beads 30
Model Number Sun7
Size 212*211*97mm
Item Type Nail Dryer
Voltage 85-240V 50/60HZ 1A
Material Environmental Material
Power Source Dry & Rechargeable
Power 48W
Type LED Lamps
SUN7 Power Storage Nail Lamp 48W UV LED Double Light Source Nail Dryer Machine with Smart Timer Memory and Sensor With Battery
Battery instructions:

Charge of the battery in the factory, there are 60% -80% of the storage capacity, you use the first time, please run out of the factory power consumption, and then fully charged after use to protect the battery life

30 LEDs

Power: 48W
Machine piput: DC12/3.0A (this product with battery power  function)
Adapter: Rated input: 100-240vac 50/60Hz 1A
              Rated output: DC 12V/3.0A
Parameters of battery pack: power:3350mAh
         Charging voltage: 5v/12.6v Charging current:1-1.5A
         Discharge voltage: 9-12.6v Discharge current: 0-3A
Size: 212x211x97mm
Wave length: 365+405nm
How to use:
1.Connect to the adaptor, and then plug in.
2.You may set the curing time by pressing the related times(10s,30s,60s,99s)
3.Press the timer button during the cure,the timer will be reset.
4.Put your fingers under the lamp, and it triggers the infrared sensor to start the curing process. the default process lasts for 120s.
5.Press the related button(10s,30s,60s)for about 2s,this initiates the curing windows again for 2s or press another timer to cancelit. press the 99s button for 2s to power on/off
6.Press the 99s button together with the 60s button for about 2s when adaptor is utilized,and it doubles the power. press again for 2s to cancel it(double-power works only if 10s,30s,60s or infrared timer are applied)press the 99s button for 0.5s to initiate the low heat mode, it enables the power output ti increase.
7.Press 10s,30s or 60s button, the timer goes countdown,press 99s button or when infraed sensor is triggered,the timer goes count up.


Charging methods:


  • 1 with USB first charge the battery charge 7 hours can be filled
  • 2 with the nail machine supporting the factory power plugs connected to the battery alone can be filled for 3 hours
  • 3 with the battery into the nail machine clock, standby naturally filled for 2 hours can be filled
  • 4 can also be the battery into the nail machine machine clock, while using the side of the intelligent automatic charging, electric full automatic stop charging, more intelligent to protect the battery life.

         Full charge, can be continuous long 2 hours, the normal nail shop available 1-2 days (small capacity, no security risks)


warm tips:


     1 When not in use, please turn off the power

     2 Do not charge the battery all night

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