Smart Bluetooth 7S 20S CELL Lifepo4 li ion Battery protection Board BMS 400A 320A 300A 100A 80A PHONE APP 8S 10S 12S 13S 14S 16S-in Battery Accessories from Consumer Electronics

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Smart Bluetooth 7S-20S CELL Lifepo4 li-ion Battery protection Board BMS 400A 320A 300A 100A 80A PHONE APP 8S 10S 12S 13S 14S 16S Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Brand Name Olive Leaf
Accessory Type Battery Accessories
Model Number BMS

Note: they all with bluetooth function  . but if with " LCD" version , it will be with LCD display . if without "LCD " in the version choose end , it won't with lcd and the board don't support lcd later 

if you need its document , contact us 

from 2019.10.8 , we have produced new version . support for iphone IOS ( iphone only have Chinese app , Android have English/Russia/Chinese app )




Temperature sensor wiring instructions:
The 3P temperature cable is plugged into the protection board, and the public line is near the edge of the protection board.

The middle one is the T1 temperature line, and the one near the test line socket is the T2 temperature line.2

Product introduction: 
Charging current: 50A
Banlance current: 100MA
Wiring method: same port 
Size: length 14CM width 7CM thickness 1.7CM
Single cell voltage: detection range 1V-4.6V, accuracy less than 5Mv
Overcharged and paid: protected
Working voltage: 15~80V
Short circuit protection: short circuit protection current can be set
Bluetooth connection: for Android android hand sail
Applicable battery: 7-16S Li-ion Battery; 8-16SLifepo4 Battery;8-16S Titanium LTO lithium 
Coulomb counter: accurate calculation based on current versus time
Battery remaining capacity, error range is less than 5%
Power consumption: 3MA at work
1.5MA during standby
Method 1: As shown in Figure 4P, the red wire is the positive pole, the black is the negative pole, and the short contact touches the voltage within 12V to start the power. Take a single battery voltage will be ok . Do not use voltage above 12V
Method 2: Connect the charger to activate the boot